FOOD4THOUGHT_There Is No Biological Reason to Eat 3 Meals a Day

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FOOD4THOUGHT_There Is No Biological Reason to Eat 3 Meals a Day–So Why Do We Do It?

IS IT: Cultural? Historical? Familial? Nutritional? Traditional? Habitual? Writer Anneli Rufus brings up some excellent points of why we don’t need to eat 3 square meals a day. i think we need to do what’s best & healthiest for us individually ~ sb

VIA @AlterNet
| Food | AlterNet

excellent excerpts from article:

• For most of history, meals were very variable.
• It’s a cultural construct.
• Researching the effects of meal frequency is notoriously tricky, because it involves so many variables: nutritional content, time of day, exercise, genetics. So the scientific jury is still out.
• The family dinner table is verging on the obsolescent. Which came first: the dissolution of the standard nuclear family or the dissolution of three meals a day?
• Electronic devices are also undermining the three-meals model. They’re at once entertainment centers, workspaces and almost-human companions. Their portability and nonstop availability let us eat whenever we like without having to stop working, without having to be bored, and without having to feel that we are eating alone.
“The disappearance of family meals antedates the invention of hand-held electronic devices,” Freedman says. “It was not initiated by them, but it is exacerbated by them. These days, even if everyone’s sitting around a table together, it’s not clear that they’re all paying attention.”
• The blurred borderline between snacks and meals has changed everything. “The long-term effect is that any time of day has become a time to eat. The decline of three meals a day and the rise of snacks are related, although I wouldn’t say there’s a direct causal relationship,” Freedman says.
~Anneli Rufus

read more: | Food | AlterNet

Anneli Rufus is the author of several books, most recently The Scavenger’s Manifesto (Tarcher Press, 2009). Read more of Anneli’s writings on scavenging at

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