I am a devoted wordsmith, an aficionado of immortals {vampires ~ witches ~ faeries}, an erstwhile poet in exile, an habitual haikuist, a teller of tall tales, an oxford comma lover, & a collaborative storyteller living in urbia and working around the world via this incredible indelible place called the Internet.
When I’m not telling stories, I’m creating, making & editing film, video & digital (web-mobile) medias.
And when I’m not doing that, I’m staying up late to write my next creative poetic piece.
I treasure the written word & spoken word.
I thrive in the creative & production hemispheres,
and I have been a passionate storytelling devotee since I was barely five years old.
If you seek an inventive, collaborative, innovative, independent, calm, enthused creative individual like ME,
please reach out.
& now ~ here is a HAIKU on how I haiku:
i feel the haiku
there is a sudden breath in
i write to breathe out
~ @sarahneanbruce
PS-and my nom de plume since I was 11 years old: «S. Nightfeather Bruce»

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