CONNECTING_lessons, stories, loves, losses ~ HELLO 2014

Cheers and Thank You to all the people
who incited me, who enlightened me,
who drove me crazy, who pulled me deeply,
who rejected me, who accepted me,
who learned from me,
and who taught me lessons,
while accompanying me (even if but for a short while) on this journey.
I have been inspired by several of you to write many words in my many stories.
And I love writing new books, new stories, with new words and new experiences.

Even tho we may not be interconnected now,
we shall always be connected by our stories,
and immortalized by our words written and spoken and sung afterward.

> sarah nean bruce​​ ❤ 2014-01-01

(Inspired by Marc and Angel Hack Life – 8 Dangerous Things We Teach Each Other)

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P.O.W.~breathing in the wonders of life

this video is featured in my
big beyond… e•mag today,
i watched it,
i enjoyed it and
i wanted to also share it here~snb
Touching the Wonders of Life:
Thich Nhat Hanh “Thây” shares about the practice
of mindful breathing.
With each breath,
we can fully be in touch with life.
The first exercise is being Aware of your
in and out breath.
The second exercise is
Mindfulness – coming into the present moment.
This brings concentration.
We continue learning about dualism.
Birth and death.

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