Looking Good: see my special report on Beach Bag Essentials for ABC15 Sonoran Living

Please WATCH the video of my 23 June 2011 “Looking Good” guest appearance and Beach/Poolside Bag Essentials report on ABC15 Sonoran Living with hosts Stephanie Sandoval & Andi Barness Live in 110ºF Phoenix, Arizona for ItsaGlamThing~sb

Show Photo: ABC15 Sonoran Living Guest – Sarah Nean Bruce ~ It’s A Glam Thing, Hollywood Beauty/Health/LifeStyle Reporter and Informationist on SONORAN LIVING live with Stephanie Sandoval & Andi Barnes

{PS~also, please read the Sonoran Living ARTICLE by ABC15 Denise Naughton on my ItsaGlamThing Summer Beach Bag Essentials report & appearance}

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