BONUS P.O.V. on W.O.W.~5 stages of {letting go and} forgiving

sarah and eva 2009

W.O.W.~5 stages of {letting go and} forgiving

i got a lot of online public feedback and personal emails on this post & wanted to add something else that affected me tremendously. here is a note i sent to my friend and associate eva la rue whose unique insight also influenced me on my journey of forgiveness. ~ sb

eva replied to me on my note below:
This is awesome! It made me cry to read it!
There is such a freedom and lightness
that comes with that kind of forgiveness,
and even now I realize more than ever,
that no one can ever truly heal,
grow and move on until it happens.
Thanks so much for sharing this with me!
Happy Thanksgiving! xoxoxoEva


23rd november 2010

dear eva,

i wanted to share my article post, i wrote yesterday,
with you that is getting a good amount of online public feedback and
personal emails to me in the past 24 hours!

W.O.W.~5 stages of {letting go and} forgiving (

i thought of you as i was writing this article because you also gave me a new and different perspective about the journey of forgiveness i was on in 2009.

during our beyond-the-scenes interviews (part one) for your website, you talked about the poignant journey of forgiveness when someone hurts us and to turn it around and ask them how have they been hurt by us.

it got me to think about
not only how i was hurt by someone
but how i may have hurt him.

during my search for peace and forgiveness
with my readings,
marriage/divorce counseling sessions,
practicing meditations,
even a spiritual person’s recommendation (a friend from portugal),
your words of wisdom in this interview, and
several incredible dreams of him dying
(spiritually, mentally, physically) all within one week ~
after a year of silence on the matter,
i actually wrote him an email
several weeks later and did just that!

anyway, i didn’t mention you specifically in my article post yesterday,
because i was sourcing so many things – but i would like to post on addendum to it
on my e•magazine blogsite (and all my social media)
with a link to our video and excerpts of our interview
as a “bonus p.o.v.” of forgiveness that helped me.

and again, i wanted to thank you for sharing
your personal insight with your fans, followers… and me.



and here is that profound and heartfelt interview i did with eva in 2009:

plus the TEXT (via YouTube transcription program):

Beyond The Scenes: Up Close & Personal with CSI Miami’s Eva La Rue Part 1

starting at 01:05.46

.what is your favorite journey – literally or spiritually?

.i think my most poignant journey this year
has been one of forgiveness.

.i’ve read a lot about it
and i thought i understood, but
it didn’t really resonate until
it became a functioning thing
in some relationships around me.

.it’s an amazing healing experience and
it’s not so much about somebody forgiving you
or you going and saying
“oh, i forgive them” and “i forgive what they did to me,”
it’s about going in and actually saying to the other person”
“how have i hurt you?”

.even if you feel like you’re the one who’s been hurt,
it’s letting go of your hurt for the moment and saying
(or maybe letting go forever and saying):
“how have i harmed you?”
because that makes the person, i’ve noticed,
completely fall away.

.all the pretense all the anger all the resentment, it falls away.
because we all really want somebody to say:
“how have i hurt you?” “what was it i did?” and
“i’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.”

.it’s been the most transformational thing in my life.
it’s just been happening in the last few months
and it has been transformational.

.(just basically) when you think that you’re
mad at somebody else for doing something to you,
and we hold onto it like:
“I’m never going to ask them what i did to hurt them
because, forget them, they hurt me more than
i could have ever possibly have hurt them.”

.but when you go in and you say
“did i do something to hurt you?
because i’m just feeling so angry at you.
but let’s not talk about that;
what have i done to hurt you?”

.the whole thing changes
and that, i think, is true forgiveness.

«sarah» that is, and it’s a great journey too

«eva» it’s an amazing journey, yeah.


for more of this thought-provoking interview series with Eva in 2009 ~

Beyond The Scenes:
Up Close & Personal with
CSI Miami’s Eva La Rue
(part 2, part 3)

please visit her website:


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9 responses to “BONUS P.O.V. on W.O.W.~5 stages of {letting go and} forgiving

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  2. Sarahbela my friend, hi
    Did you write a book????Sorry for my english cause till now i didn’t understand what is this about…if so give more info about it and how can i read it too.and..
    Answer me please!!!!

    • hello dear anabela! yes, i wrote my book “VAMPYR x WICCAN: The Untold Tragedy of Romeus & Juliette” and await word from the interested publisher, and will start the polish on it. PLUS, i started another book “Memoirs of an Angel Faery Witch” which is metaphor for my journey on «becoming beauty & discovering beyond» ~ all very exciting and cathartic. lovely to hear from you. Eu aprecio nossa amizade, meu cara amiga! beijos/tudos~sarahbela

  3. although i have known receiving is good too (which means allowing people to give to me), i have only recently put into practice this aspect of reciprocity, and let these generous people experience the joyous feeling of giving to me that i experienced when i gave to them & others. i am able to accept gifts of abundance without protesting or feeling unworthy or thinking i have to immediately give something to that person in return. over the years i practiced “pay it forward” & that power is also part of our universe of reciprocity and my path of forgiveness and my journey of self-acceptance ~ sb

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