30 November: course correction

30 NOV_6 years ago today (2004) I left the set of my hallmark film THE FAMILY PLAN and i encountered a “pallet jack” which helped me to alter & course correct the direction of my life – for the better. The doctors weren’t kidding when they told me it takes 5-7 years to recover from a (crushing) foot injury. The path of my life now is one that I had dreamt about, but hadn’t the courage to embark upon before. Interesting & good how the “be careful what you (dream) wish for” comes about. I hoped for a change in my tumultuous & topsy-turvy personal life in 2004 – even tho my showbiz career was booming – and the universe obliged me. The disabling and painful foot/leg injury allowed me to slow down, evaluate, contemplate, reinvigorate and redirect myself personally and professionally. Now I am calmer – braver – happier to do what I want personally, professionally, spiritually. i have become the real «me».

the mighty pallet jack {WikiImage}

– thank you “oh mighty pallet jack!” and thanks to my family, my friends and the universe for helping me thru and beyond 2004 ~ sb

4 responses to “30 November: course correction

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  2. Sarah, I love how we can look back and see so clearly how our journey is guided. It gives me such faith in today – whatever I don’t understand, well, I don’t understand….but I trust.
    Love the “real you”

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