BONUS P.O.V. on W.O.W.~5 stages of {letting go and} forgiving

a BONUS P.O.V. from a friend, eva la rue, that also affected me: “it’s not so much about somebody forgiving you or you going and saying ‘oh, i forgive them’ and ‘i forgive what they did to me,’ it’s about going in and actually saying to the other person, ‘how have i hurt you?’ even if you feel like you’re the one who’s been hurt, it’s letting go of your hurt for the moment and saying (or maybe letting go forever and saying): ‘how have i harmed you?’ because that makes the person, i’ve noticed, completely fall away. all the pretense all the anger all the resentment, it falls away. because we all really want somebody to say: ‘how have i hurt you?’ ‘what was it i did?” and ‘i’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.'” ~ SEE/HEAR/READ MORE ~

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