POETIC_the song of the moon and the earth

she was the moon

the moon was her

and the moon bespoke

her feelings of him, the earth


her adoration did not burn him like sun

her affection did not flicker like the stars

her passion was constant like the moon


she waxed

she waned

she was full

she was dark

she was rarely distant and blue beneath the stars

she was ofttimes close and orange on the horizon


and like the moon

when her ardor seemed invisible

to his earth-bound eyes

he trusted she would always be there

constant, ever-revolving , remaining compelled

as she sang and danced around her spinning earth

she followed her own timeless path above him and close to him

his strength perpetuated and held her in that near-celestial orbit

while her power commanded his tides to flow in and flow out


the moon and the earth were individual ,

they were unique , interdependent , enduring beings

and their symbiotic interconnection was simply divine


not much, a.d.o.


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3 responses to “POETIC_the song of the moon and the earth

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  2. I heard about you from a dragon. Beautiful poem and a very nice site. I haven’t read much this time, but will return for another visit.

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