REALIZING_you want the truth, so – just • be • still, and know it

All I can offer is that
If you have to reach out to someone else
and ask them to confirm your fears, or to affirm your doubts
– of something you suspect or something you already know –
Well… have you not already answered your own question?
I can attest that
In assessing and figuring out
a situation,
a person,
a circumstance,
your self –
You cannot rely on
what you feel, an emotion
(love, fear, infatuation, obsession,
jealousy, envy, doubt, anger)
– that is subjectivity, and that is quite inaccurate
You can rely on what you know, a cognizance
(inner awareness, self-knowledge,
instinct, intuition, gut reaction)
– that is objectivity, and that is more accurate.
The Truth is not out there
The Truth is in here
I can affirm
There is often a vast chasm
what we feel (unknown)
what we know (recognized)
In any event
We can learn
to listen more
and to hear the inner truths, not the dramas
And even more importantly
We can acknowledge
to accept more
and to embrace the inner truths, not the theatrics
We can then doubt what we feel – mood
We can then trust what we know – truth
We can realize
that most times
our inner truths are quite different
than someone else’s inner truths
(which are none of our business)
I have read, and believe
We know the truth
when we hear it, observe it
And we know the lie
when we hear it, see it
And just because we don’t acknowledge it
– the truth, or the lie –
does not change it
– the fact, or the fiction –
It lays there, it bleeds, it sings, it cries, it gasps, it dies
Truth is undeniable
Truth is unquestionable
So, I believe you already know
the answer to your own question
and I think you don’t have to reach out to someone else
– a friend, a lover, a foe, a stranger –
and ask them to confirm or allay your fears
or to affirm or assuage your doubts
but that is just my opinion,
based on my experience, my observation, my knowing
So that is all, and this is everything, I have to offer now
I have asked my own questions and I know my own answers
You need not go to others (or come to me) again with yours.

some day, perhaps,
you may realize this advice resonates
with compassion and wisdom;
and that i am merely just the messenger,
paying it forward and onward
Not much, a.d.o.
just. be. still. ~ @sarahneanbruce

just • be • still ~ @sarahneanbruce {1116}



4 responses to “REALIZING_you want the truth, so – just • be • still, and know it

  1. { yes/absolutely, i have ·let· nearly everything happen to me ~ terror, beauty, deception, desire… the feelings, the pain, the joy, the sorrow are never final, they never last, nor do they ever complete me or ever shatter me. i live and dwell in the ·forever now· and i just keep going, because i believe & i know: love & hope spring eternal ~ @sarahneanbruce }
    ༺♡༻ ∞ ༺ॐ༻

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