my new old school 1970s laptop

The «VENICE Type~In ~ reconnect with the physical world» was awesome!
I found my new “laptop” – a 1970s Brother Echelon 55 for the price i had in mind,
plus if i need anything else ~ the little shop i bought it from at the event is conveniently located
right next to my acupuncture Dr in W.LA ~ it all felt rather serendipitous. i especially appreciate that it is small & “cordless.” ~ @sarahneanbruce

PS~i mentioned yesterday that: i’ve long wanted a portable manual typewriter similar to the one i used at my grandmother Myrtle’s home when i was a wee lass {it typed in ITALIC}. I felt like i was “published” when i saw my handwritten poems and stories neatly typed on onion skin paper.

VENICE Type~In: Participants will experience typing on manual typewriters, seeing the TypoWriter Art Exhibit, and viewing a film about typewriters in the computer age. Everyone is welcome to play, show & tell, buy or sell, and write the old fashioned way! 23 September, Sunday – 1:00 PM at BEYOND BAROQUE LITERARY/ ARTS CENTER
A place dedicated to the possibilities of language

{revision2: photo – i uploaded wrong typewriter picture when i posted from my smart phone to blogsite,
here’s the one i bought}
{revision2: note – the brother echelon 55 model typewriters were manufactured in 1969,
sold throughout the early 70s}

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