a little about “shakubuku~shakubuku~shakubuku”

i think if people don’t break & subdue their deleterious cycles

~{ of negativity or disorder or chaos or drama or badmouthing themselves/others or taking things personally or assuming the worse or not doing their best or  self-sabotage or ill-thoughts or warped thinking }~

they will be broken and subdued by it.

i remember hearing about shakubuku and studying it at the kaikon in seattle during my buddhism days {i think i was about 5 or 6 years old}

and i liked saying “shakubuku~shakubuku~shakubuku” – it had a sort of magical or mystical quality when inciting it & reciting it.

just a few years ago, i was reminded of its power & the importance of the message and

so i invoked the words and the actions (à la “magic spell”) with regards to a certain someone

who i allowed to interlope and wreak havoc in my life.

the ~shakubuku~ worked!

today i thought of it again, and decided to share the power of shakubuku.


Shakabuku originally comes from the practice of Buddhism which is to “break” delusions, “subdue” the mind of “evil”.
Evil in Buddhism is the deluded mind that causes misery and isn’t the same as evil in most Judeo-Christian schools.
Shakubuku really means to use literal, theoretical and actual proof to convince others to abandon evil notions and accept the truth.
This isn’t always the same as converting them to one’s religion itself.
Often it means getting them to “detach” from incorrect teachings & beliefs, thus subduing their fundamental darkness.
In the end, shakubuku comes down to heartfelt dialogue.
To “use one’s influence and authority” really means to become people who others want to discuss their sufferings with.
Let us make a point of always speaking to others with bright, vibrant voices.
Let us hold warm dialogues, happy dialogues.
Let us hold dialogues that inspire and encourage.
Let us hold dialogues brimming with philosophy.
Such dialogues are what pave the way to a truly humane world.

everyday we must break (shaku)…

the cycle of suffering (buku)

together: Shakubuku means to break (Shaku) delusion (Buku) —
to cut suffering — to empower.

(shakubuku is not breaking and subduing people,
it is stopping suffering and awakening to life’s potential)

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