a little about “shakubuku~shakubuku~shakubuku”

“‘Shakubuku, literally means to “break, subdue.” Either break & subdue your deleterious cycles or you will be broken and subdued by it. Stop suffering and awaken to life’s potential.’
“i remember hearing about shakubuku and studying it at the kaikon in seattle during my buddhism days {i think i was about 5 or 6 years old} and i liked saying “shakubuku~shakubuku~shakubuku” – it had a sort of magical or mystical quality when inciting it & reciting it.
just a few years ago, i was reminded of its power & the importance of the message and so i invoked the words and the actions (à la “magic spell”) with regards to a certain someone who i allowed to interlope and wreak havoc in my life. the ~shakubuku~ worked!
today i thought of it again, and decided to share the power of shakubuku.” ~sarah nean bruce
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