BEYOND Bram Stoker’s Way of The Vampire by sarah nean bruce ~ Chapter 1 (in HD)

Bram Stoker, author and early President of the...

"No man knows till he has suffered from the night how sweet and dear to his heart and eye the morning can be."~{BRAM STOKER} Telling words for me by Mr. Stoker. «My nights with a Vampire in 2004 were long and torturous. I moved Beyond that shadow of the Vampire when the sweet and dear mornings came a few years later» ~sb (WikiImage)

Now that the film i directed is available for
free video on demand viewing online,
i have created an accompanying side piece.
Watch it in 720p HD and click on the Red speech balloon
to access my long belated “director’s commentary”
because, among many other lamentable things,
I was purposely excluded
by the producers of the film I directed in 2004
from participating in the cast & crew recording session
of the DVD Audio commentary. ~sb


This is an alternate commentary & perspective of a director’s hopes, passions, horrors & realities of ultra low budget filmmaking: BEYOND Bram Stoker’s Way of The Vampire by sarah nean bruce {storyteller | filmmaker}.

Please note that the following is the uncensored satirical commentary on the process and pitfalls of Bram Stoker’s Way of the Vampire film production in 2004 by an unappreciated, unrequited, and ultimately liberated, director. It is meant as a parody, satire, criticism, commentary, news report, teaching, research, elucidation, and special thanks to the hardworking cast & crew for their perils, their art, their craft and their accomplishments in ultra low budget B-Level cult filmmaking in Hollywood.

The views and opinions expressed herein are solely those of the individual and do not necessarily reflect those of the company, or anybody else affiliated with the project.


Footnote: BRAM STOKER’S WAY OF THE VAMPIRE continues to get recognition and boasts it remains on several of the *Bottom Worst rated films of the Internet Movie Data Base* – (Worst Thriller Feature Films; Worst Action Feature Films, Worst Australia-M titles).  Perhaps one of the reasons why the SyFy Channel continues to air the film (with moments of horror and beauty) is because people still Watch it & Rate it! And even though this film has been referred to as “Another ‘Asylum’ travesty,” many Blockbuster Video stores still offer this title on their shelves as well as rent it online, but not many others from the ultra low budget production/distribution company.

(*after 5+ years: the movie i directed still gets “buzzed” and still stirs people up!),&sort=user_rating,asc&title_type=feature


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