sarah’s halloweek 2010 viewing queue

All Soul's Day procession, Tucson AZ, 2008

I love dressing up for Halloween. When i was a kid i would create my own masquerade as: a witch, or a faerie, or an angel, or a genie: pretty much anything with special powers. These days, i tend to dress up in varying forms of bridal horror. (Wiki image)

This is not only the start of the 5th weekend of October, tonight launches five days of potential fun to enjoy parties and holiday horror screenings. As a purveyor of thrilling and sometimes horrifying films & stories (particularly a B-Cult uber-low budget vampire horror film, a yet-to-be-made co-ed witch horror film, and my upcoming thrilling vampire & witches film/book projects), over the years i have assembled my own personal and small collection of really good horror/thriller films. I like to watch them during the month of October.

~ some of my halloween viewing picks ~

Shaun Of The Dead
Corpse Bride
13 Capanadas (13 Curses)
Dracula 2000
Angel Heart
Bram Stoker’s Dracula
The Others
The Sixth Sense
Interview with the Vampire
Near Dark

What will you be doing this HallowFriday, HallowSaturday, HalloWeen, All Saint’s Day, and All Soul’s Day?~sb

ps~i prefer my drama, horror and thrillers on the big screen, on the small screen, on the pages of books, and NOT in my life anymore

just a few of the thrilling & horrifying films in my personal dvd collection (photo by sarah's iPhone)

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