$50 Million Dollar (3-D) Weekend for Jackass

Really Good news for 3D, even if it takes a “Jackass” to make it more popular! i met johnny knoxville and his guys at a post sound facility i was using a few years ago when they were recording the DVD commentary on the first Jackass movie and they seemed amazed the movie version had played well. Knoxville seemed equally amazed this past week on the Letterman show that he had done, let alone survived, so many more Jackass films, and especially enthused the audience gets to seem them all being thrashed in 3D~sb

On the Front page of The Hollywood Reporter 17th October 2010:

‘Jackass 3D’ tops weekend with $50 mil

Paramount’s “Jackass 3D” topped the domestic heap in its first weekend with a kick-ass $50 million in estimated box office.
That makes the dangerous-pranks threequel the best-bowing “Jackass” pic yet in a big-screen franchise launched from a onetime MTV series, stoking studio execs and cast alike. Lead jackass John Knoxville and cohorts drove from theater to theater in Los Angeles on Friday to check out the throngs of younger moviegoers buying tickets for the R-rated pic, and by Saturday he was suggesting on Twitter that fans check out “Jackass 3D” a second time.

The threequel was produced for $19 million, making it almost twice as pricey as its franchise predecessor due to the extra expense of shooting cast hijinks in native 3D. But with a debut almost twice as big, nobody at Paramount was complaining on Sunday. ~ The Hollywood ReporterClick link for more from

The Hollywood Reporter: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/jackass-3d-tops-weekend-50-30904


3-D Pranksters Out-Gross weekend & previous Jackasses (Paramount Pictures image)


Review: Jackass 3D – Revolutionizing the Film Industry

So I guess I can talk technically- of course I don’t really think Jackass 3D revolutionized the film industry, though maybe that’s not even very far off.

The guys proved that you can still shoot a crazy, frantic hand-held movie in 3D. The film-making style hasn’t changed at all, it’s still a bunch of dudes being chased around by a bunch of dudes with cameras. If you can make a film like this in 3D, there’s no limit to what you can do with the technology, technically speaking.

As I mentioned above, the film looks fantastic. The images are crisp and clear, even when you don’t want them to be, like when a penis is in your face or a shit is raining down upon you. Strangely, the 3D is understated in the film when compared to something like Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D.There are no really gimmicky moments, rather the crew just filmed what was going on like they normally would.

Perhaps the most impressive bits of the film are those filmed in slow-motion, which are pretty frequent. Not exactly 300 levels, but if this was called Jackass SloMo, it’d still be just as relevant. The detail and imagery during these parts is insane. Potentially the best looking slo-mo put to tape so far. Discovery Channel needs to get on board with the Phantom camera, because this stuff really is ridiculously good looking.

If you’re looking for lots of laughs and you find defecation, falls from great heights, paintballs, spinal injuries, and animals abusing the shit out of grown men, Jackass 3D is for you. You’ll wince, flinch, and laugh to you cry. Jackass 3D is pure, unadulterated fun. Turn off your brain and giggle. ~ Film School Rejects

Click here for More from Film School Rejects: http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/reviews/jackass-3d-review.php

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