poem_the sunshine inside {by sarah nean bruce}

When You Wish upon a Star by Ned Washington

the weather inside can always be sunny (flickr image by ronalmog)

the sunshine inside

grey skies
and cooler weather outside

don’t dampen or diminish
my happiness
and sunny attitude inside.


by sarah nean bruce

{s. nightfeather bruce}

To Hear my poem ~ Please Press Play https://sarahneanbruce.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/audio_the-sunshine-inside-by-sarah-nean-bruce-mp3.jpg


Listen to Voice Recording by sarah nean bruce (image via wikipedia)

One response to “poem_the sunshine inside {by sarah nean bruce}

  1. Great poem! It’s a good motto to live by…
    BTW…It’s like WeHo here in the Seattle area the last 2 days. 70+ degree weather! Don’t worry…the rains are to return tomorrow…but I will be sure to keep your poetry in my mind and close to my heart. Love you and thinking of you always! xoxoxo

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