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i don’t think 3D is a fad. I believe 3D cinematography can enhance certain stories and can contribute to an incredible movie-going experience ~ only if it’s done right technically. Certain stories lend themselves to color, others to black and white (like the film i recently co-executive produced YESTERDAY WAS A LIE), while others might be better told in stereoscopic 3D. Most importantly, i believe filmmaking (3D or 2D – color or black & white) is about telling the story and that dictates the cinematic language and tools we use.

This past year i have been working diligently to move forward on my 3D film directing/producing goals and aspirations via research and meetings for my own projects with stories that will benefit from stereoscopic cinema. i have reviewed so much material and information about stereoscopic 3D – a totally new paradigm with its own algorithms and cinematic language – and remain quite focused on it. i just received four books on 3D cinema so will be doing a lot more in-depth technical research on the theories, science, and geometry of the 3D cinematographic process.

One of the big reasons why i am pursuing this: i want to make GREAT 3D movies and television programs, not films & tv that make people nauseous or that give them headaches because the filmmakers didn’t know the science and math of stereoscopic filmmaking. Nor do i want to make gratuitous 3D projects just to wow viewers with fancy in your face negative parallax (in front of the screen) effects.

This upcoming week, i have more exciting 3D meetings AND i am attending the 3D Film Festival in Hollywood. Additionally, i am working towards formal hands-on director/producer workshops, training, and experiences~sb

ps-below are excerpts from a good CNET article

Studio executives discuss potential of 3D

September 25, 2010 1:02 PM PDT – by Natali Del Conte

“Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?”–Harry M. Warner, Warner Bros., 1927

NEW YORK–That famously off-the-mark wisecrack, made when the Warner Bros. co-founder was confronted by the advent of talking pictures, was given an airing Friday at the 3D Experience Executive Forum here. Likened to current naysaying about 3D movies and TV, the quote was referenced by David Naranjo, director of product development for Mitsubishi Digital Electronics, along with several other ill-fated predictions in entertainment–as if to say: They’ll eat those words!

Resisting 3D may be futile, but we still don’t know to what extent 3D will invade our lives. That was what executives gathered to discuss. Will 3D be a part of every screen, from TVs to ATMs, as predicted by Jim Chabin, CEO of the International 3D Society? Will it be a staple of learning tools in the classroom, as predicted by Michael P. Guillory of Texas Instruments? Or will it simply be the thing kids get excited about at the movies because it makes dinosaur tails come flying toward their noses?

Of course, content is king, but the format is too nascent and, at times, too kitschy.”You can’t take a bad movie, turn it into 3D, and make it a good movie,” said Richard Gelfond, CEO of IMAX Corporation. “Autostereo, or glasses-free, is of course the holy grail, but you have to get there at the right quality,” said Mayson. “Nobody really knows when that will come. My personal opinion is that it has to do with quality of image–and when that happens at a price us mere mortals can afford.”

Chabin said 3D will be omnipresent on all displays because “the cost of making a screen 3D is the same as making it color. It’s nothing. It’s just another chip and a little more gas.” What holds up adoption is consumer confusion. The lack of a standard for 3D glasses is confusing enough, but couple that with the fact that most consumers don’t understand that a 3D TV is also a 2D TV and what is left is an adoption cul-de-sac. Studios and hardware manufacturers love the potential. Consumers don’t know what to think. … Read more here: News CNET

One response to “3D_storytelling and filmmaking-my aspirations and projects

  1. Thanks for the great post & links michael r bernard!
    { i tried to “repost” this but couldn’t get it to work, so here it is }

    3-D is, or is not, here to stay. (Links to 3-D info)

    I’ve had many people argue that I should abandon 3-D. And, Roger Ebert, whom I respect, is notorious for his stance against 3-D.

    But I think it’s a story telling tool, just as sound and color, just as lighting and CGI, just as film stock types or digital video resolutions. I see it as lasting, not a passing fad.

    If you’re interested in delving deeper into 3-D production issues, here are some blogs about 3-D that you might find informative and interesting:

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    3D Magazine (French) http://3dmagazine.com

    3D VISION BLOG http://3dvision-blog.com/

    3-D Zone http://www.ray3dzone.com/

    Alister Chapman, Stereographer http://stereographer.tv/

    Cine3D http://www.cine3d.com

    DCinema Today http://www.dcinematoday.com/

    Enhanced Dimensions http://www.enhanced-dimensions.com/wordpress/

    IndieFilm 3D http://indiefilm3d.com/home

    Lem’s Blog (in French) http://blog.lemsprod.com/tagged/3d

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    Market Saw 3D http://marketsaw.blogspot.com/

    Meant to be Seen 3-D http://www.mtbs3d.com/

    Randall Dark Productions http://randalldarknews.blogspot.com/

    RealVision http://realvision.ae/blog/category/stereoscopic-3d/

    S3D Database http://www.s3ddatabase.com/

    Schubin Café http://schubincafe.com/

    Shoot3d.tv http://shoot3dtv.blogspot.com/

    Stereo 3D UK http://twitter.com/stereo3dcouk

    StereoScope International (.pdf download) http://dr-3dcameraco.com/files/JR-%20StereoScope.pdf

    Stereoscopic 3D to the Home http://3dhd.wordpress.com

    Stereoscopic Filmmakers http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=110354555655198

    Stereoscopy News http://www.stereoscopynews.com/

    Third Magazine http://thirdmagazine.com/

    Today3D http://www.today3d.com/

    Vision III Imaging Inc. http://www.facebook.com/v3imaging

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