After taking the Sony 3D Master Class, i feel so much more 3 Dimensional now …

Over the past two days, a group of thirteen of us received professional training in the tools and techniques for making 3D content at Sony Pictures in Culver City, CA. Not only does the ICG Sony 3D Master Class feature in-classroom training, we got “hands on” to expand our language of stereo pictures on Stage 7 at Sony Studios. We did practical work with a 3ality Camera Rig including: stage exercises, camera tests with different Interaxial distances, varying convergent points, lighting and our aptly named “contravergent” effect experiments (we think we actually coined this new 3D term today). We realized that some of the 3D “rules” of yesteryear can be bent, broken, and even ignored, if we understood certain visual perceptive concepts and brain cognitive aspects while utilizing a strong storytelling modus operandi.

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