REMEMBERING Frank Q. Dobbs AKA «Quasi» to me

Frank Q. Dobbs
29th July 1939
Died: 15th February 2006


A Storyteller, A Filmmaker & A Gentleman: one of my favorite pictures of "Quasi" (& Frank liked it, too)! xo~Moto


I am so glad Frank Q was born on this day in 1939~sb

ps-sorry quasi, that we didn’t get to take you on the Tour of Portugal that you so hoped to visit with us~moto


REPOST: 16 February 2006 – Frank Q. Dobbs Memorial Webpage

From:  Sarah Nean Bruce

I am heartbroken about this. He was one of my biggest champions when I returned to Hollywood in 2000.

One of the people in my life who believed in me and encouraged me and even pitched me to his sacred contacts, especially important for me after being away from L.A. in Texas for seven years. He really helped me to jump-start my career back here – evidenced by my two films with Larry Levinson Productions for the Hallmark Channel. And I was his “number one supporter” & sidekick on several of his LLP shoots as well as championing his projects. I am so grateful for all the breakfasts we had – where we would ‘plot & scheme’ on how we would win the lottery, start our own film company to fund & make our own projects!

And I finally found out today what the Q really stood for… Frank Quinn Dobbs. Even though for years he wouldn’t tell me, I told him it didn’t matter – that to me, the Q was for Quasimoto – and that is what started our nicknames – he was Mr Quasi/Quazi and i was Ms Moto/Modo.

I have many great memories of Frank, including photos & a cameo in my short film, as well as hundreds of emails between us… and in a final email last month – he told me and some other friends how much he loved us… we love you, too Mr Quazi.

So as Frank would say: that’s the latest from Lake Woebegone.

Ms Moto
aka Sarah Nean Bruce

Quasi & Moto on Sarah’s LLP Hallmark Film

mobile phone snapshot from one of our many
‘plot & scheme’ steak dinners in 2005

A picture of Frank Q Dobbs playing THE HOMELESS GUY –
cameo – in my directorial debut THE MARRIAGE UNDONE

14 responses to “REMEMBERING Frank Q. Dobbs AKA «Quasi» to me

  1. Frank was great! He was operating a camera and directing 2nd unit on my “Santa Jr.” movie and was a wonderful guy to talk to. We’d run into a plot hiccup on the 3rd day of shooting and he sat down next to me while I was in a corner agonizing about how I was going to write myself out of it. Within a few minutes he’d come up with a fix.

    The director (Kevin Connor, another great guy!) congratulated me on repairing the snafu, to which I responded that Frank was the one who did it. I still remember Frank’s response later…

    “You haven’t been in Hollywood very long, have you?”

    “No – this is my first movie that’s gotten into production.”

    “I could tell. Most people wouldn’t give someone else credit like that. So thanks!”

    I never forgot that, or him, and I like to think it’s one of the reasons he still remembered me long after we wrapped.

  2. Thanks for your comment Marc! Yes, being on set with you & Frank on your film”Santa Jr.” was fun, entertaining and educational! Frank taught me a lot about improvising on set and 2nd unit directing, too. xoxo

    Santa Jr. DVD ~ Written by Marc Hershon

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  4. Frank was not only in love with films and film making. He was one of the best people to have on set. There was no job he could not do.
    The effort and work he put into getting great shots was an inspiration. His 2nd unit camera work ended up in countless films and enhanced the reputations of many other DP’s.
    Everytime we are on some car trip and stop to take in a great vista, I think him.

  5. Thanks for sharing~Nick! Frank sure made a lot of movies with you. I remember visiting you two shooting at various dusty locations; and he came to visit me when i finally got to make a couple of movies with you, too. For years, I watched in awe all the things Frank could & would do to tell a story. I heard on one of the Westerns, they dug a hole, put a film camera & Frank in it, & Frank DP’d while a stampede of cattle ran past/over it. He was a great storyteller – on film & in talking – and definitely a multi-talented filmmaker. He left behind a solid body of work in many different areas. He had a positive impact on a lot of us and we still talk/marvel about him. Maybe one day we’ll do a FQD Film Night (or nights)… of course it would mostly be Westerns! xoxo

  6. It is good to know that Frank will live on, he was a hell of a guy and a good friend to many people. Thank you for this tribute.

  7. Wow, Sarah, what a great surprise to get your email and see your post about Dad! It’s wonderful to know that so many people were thinking about him on his birthday. Reading your recollections just reminds me of what a great impact FQD had on so many folks, many, like you, whom I never met but had heard a lot about. I’m really touched, and Dad would have been tickled. -Ciao, Moto!

  8. I can just imagine you and Frank Q. in your morning scheming sessions. What a great friendship you shared!!. I am touched by your tribute to him. I think that he is still standing beside you as you plan each new project. We miss you here, but know that you are right where you need to be. We will always remember what an angel you were to your filmmakers.

  9. It is certainly a lovely post. An information something like this demonstrates just how steeply the concept is actually thought of by creator.

  10. I first met Frank in 1999 on ”Texas Rangers” I was a set dresser and met him on set one day. A couple years later I worked closely with him as an on set dresser on, “Johnson county War”. I was surprised he remembered my name. We had one head butt moment, but when he found out I was looking out for his best interest, we became good friends through the rest of the production. After many lunches we would chat. I along with numerous other crew members would keep him well stocked with snickers and Dr. pepper. Later I drew a political cartoon of sorts of him in his directors chair, recording the humorous time he had on that production. He was tickled to see himself immortalized in cartoon. Thanks for you lovely tribute. It was nice to hear other stories from others. Again thanks Sarah Moto :) Graham Punter

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