NEWZ_Yesterday Was A Lie: Comic-Con Presence, New Review, and Graphic Novel

if you’re at Comic-Con, please check us out at the E1 Entertainment booth (#216) since they are promoting/distributing our film.~sb

PS_love this quote about our film-“The stunning noir style of ‘SIN CITY’ but with a hell of a lot more brains and class. A mesmerizing and sexy head trip” -Jeff Bond, editor-in-chief, Geek Monthly

Helicon Arts “Yesterday Was A Lie” NOTE / ANNOUNCEMENT


Several news items today…

First, reviewer Bill Williams has published a solid write-up of YESTERDAY WAS A LIE on TrekWeb. Excerpt, please…

“Where else can you see an old school film noir mystery, an extremely strong female lead, and explorations of quantum mechanics and the human heart? That’s a rare and unique combination indeed, and in the hands of a talented writer/director and a believable cast, it’s all the stronger as a result. The visuals are sharp… the black-and-white palette adds an additional depth of character and clarity rarely brought out in films today. YESTERDAY WAS A LIE makes you think, and that’s a very good thing… something we don’t get in today’s era of dumbed-down moviemaking. It’s a shame big-budget movies aren’t made like this. Four-and-a-half stars.”

This weekend is San Diego Comic-Con, the world’s largest pop culture convention (of course!). E1 Entertainment is promoting the DVD release of YESTERDAY at their booth (#216) and with a full-page program ad. Chase and Peter will be signing copies of the film at the E1 booth from 3-4 pm on Friday, and they’ll be available for autographs at other booths on occasion throughout the weekend. YESTERDAY cast- and crew-members Warren Davis, Andrew Deutsch, and James Kerwin will be attending as well.

And… Chase will have a very limited number of SDCC exclusively-marked advance copies of the upcoming YESTERDAY graphic novel from artist James Hill! The book isn’t out yet, so this is your only opportunity (for now) to get your hands on a copy. Check the schedule for place and time.~HELICON ARTS

The film i co-executive produced is being promoted by our distibutors E1 at Comic-Con 2010

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