TrekWeb Reviews YESTERDAY

Muito Obrigada Gustavo Leao, et al, for posting the terrific review of our film
TrekWeb by Bill Williams.

Please check it out  here: ~sb


here are just a few Excellent Excerpts from the TrekWeb article:

Good science fiction has always been about metaphor, ever since the days of the original TWILIGHT ZONE and STAR TREK in the 1960’s, when writers and producers could convey powerful messages through the prism of exciting adventures or intriguing mysteries. And this is exactly what James Kerwin has achieved with YESTERDAY WAS A LIE.-Bill Williams

What attracted me was its origins in the old-school film noir of the 1930’s and 1940’s – that’s something we don’t get to see in today’s era of quick flashes, big bangs, and dumbed-down moviemaking to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Movies rarely require you actually think. That’s what YESTERDAY WAS A LIE does – it makes you think, and that’s a very good thing.-Bill Williams

PS-they also reviewed the Bonus Features

Next are a collection of seven behind-the-scenes commentaries, running a total of 18:20 in length, and featuring Kerwin, Masterson, Brown, Newton, and co-executive producer Sarah Nean Bruce. The first feature (5:06) explains the development of the film and the use of quantum mechanics as a metaphor for studying the human heart and psyche, and we get a brief look at some test footage for the film.-Bill Williams


Yesterday Was A Lie also available on DVD and HD from iTunes


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