GUESTING_Making Your Art Big (me)

Heads Up~June 9 «Lightbulb Mouth Radio Hour» features

Informationist: Sarah Nean Bruce (me), Director, Producer, Making your art big;
Author: Ellyn Maybe, America’s beloved writer, Henry Rollins press;
Featured Music: Primitive Painters, One of Derrick Brown’s favorite brit-pop bands. Hosted by Derrick Brown.

What others say/write about Lightbulb Mouth Radio Hour:

LA Blips –

Touted as “a little bit Prairie Home Companion , a little bit This American Life and a little bit Charlie Rose ” — it is a weekly variety show of the highest order.


Lightbulb Mouth Radio Hour with Authors, Musicians, Informationists:  Whoever said authors couldn’t host talk shows? Spoken word poet, magician, and ex-weatherman Derrick Brown is hosting a weekly variety show in Long Beach’s Basement Lounge every Wednesday at 8pm. The variety show is unscripted, featuring one author, one musician, and one informationist. And in case that isn’t enough to entice you in, they’re also offering champagne in a can.

The Basement Lounge

We.06.09.10 Write Bloody Publishing presents Light-Bulb Mouth Radio | Every Wed. –

The Light-Bulb Mouth Radio cultural variety show that highlights:
One Author, One Musical Act and One Informationist.
There are interviews. There is wildness and its all unscripted.
Hosted by the Derrick Brown
Featured Author: Ellyn Maybe, Americas beloved writer, Henry Rollins press
Featured Music: Primitive Painters, One of Derrick Browns favorite brit-pop bands



Lightbulb Mouth Radio hour with Derrick Brown


Please Tune in 9th of June 2010 to: “Making your art big” on the Lightbulb Mouth Radio Hour with Informationist Sarah Nean Bruce, and other terrific guests.

Visit www. for podcast of this show and previous shows.


Watch the new Promo for the show:

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