making brilliant cinema – the neo-noir yesterday was a lie

On demand_interview clips of me sharing my thoughts on making brilliant cinema {the neo-noir yesterday was a lie} please watch! thanks~sb

sarah nean bruce, a co-executive producer of the quantum-infused neo-noir “yesterday was a lie,” shared her thoughts and perspective on making the indie film including: journey with directer james kerwin and helicon arts cooperative filmmakers, digital cinema, noir and the strong female heroine. 


American author Edgar Lawrence Doctorow wrote: “film de-literates thought; it relies primarily on an association of visual impressions or understandings. Moviegoing is an act of inference. You receive what you see as a broad band of sensual effects that evoke your intuitive nonverbal intelligence. You understand what you see without having to think it through with words.”

Ms. Bruce believes (& hopes) there can be even more to filmmaking if you are an intelligent storyteller, because you can aspire to rouse your viewer to think and contemplate. The group of filmmakers she spent five years working with (Helicon Arts Cooperative) attempted to do this in their quantum-physics neo-noir film “Yesterday Was A Lie” which goes beyond it’s consistently stunning visuals and sometimes enigmatic dialogues. Others (critics, intellectuals and viewers) have said their film is “complex and thought-engendering with challenging intellectual matters interwoven throughout” — some conscious, others subconscious. At the end of this film, the enquiring minds realize one can’t explain – with science and psychology or intellect – the metaphysical journey of the human heart when it’s been broken. Quantum mechanics merely serves as the metaphor and that is intelligent cinema.


sarah nean bruce interviewed at world premiere-yesterday was a lie


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