Earth Day 2010 FERN VERDANT & THE SILVER ROSE in paperback!

Perhaps pickup a copy of my friend Diana Leszczynski’s book
FERN VERDANT & THE SILVER ROSE (Now Available in Paperback)

Celebrate Earth Day by reading an exceptionally talented (screenplays, novels, more) writer friend of mine, Diana Leszczynski’s book “Fern Verdant & the Silver Rose” recently named a Green Earth Book Award Honoree for this year, as well as a Notable 2008 Children’s Book by the Smithsonian.

Kirkus Reviews said:

…with clever, witty narration, a likable and earnest main character and a plant community filled with unique personalities, this one’s coming up roses.

Readers also raved:

It’s nice to see a strong, smart female character propelling the narrative of an adventure story. The author has taken a clever thread of an idea and woven into an expansive, always-entertaining world.

Fern Verdant is the kind of young adult novel that adults will love too. It’s an action-adventure story, a coming-of-age story, and a hero’s journey. Its environmental theme makes it timely and relevant. It’s also really funny, with jokes, witticisms, and wisecracks embedded in nearly every page.

I’ve been reading & re-reading FERN VERDANT & THE SILVER ROSE and it has come to life for me in my mind, as I can already visualize a brilliantly, lush animated feature film just with her vivid and brilliant writing!

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my friend Diana Lesczyynski

Fern Verdant & the Silver Rose by Diana Leszczynski

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One response to “Earth Day 2010 FERN VERDANT & THE SILVER ROSE in paperback!

  1. i forgot to mention that my friend and associate, Eva La Rue, posted my link on her official fan website to say she and her daughter, Kaya, received from Diana Leszczynski their very own copy of FERN VERDANT & THE SILVER ROSE (via me/their mutual friend) and Eva let her fans know that “it is now available in paperback & electronically (Kindle) – Just in time for Earth Day!” Thanks Eva! xoxo~sb

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