surreality with yesterday was a lie at spirit of star trek series

i mentioned in my ping & loopt post tonight that it was a ~

Surreal experience to be sitting in a church watching “Yesterday Was A Lie” on a big screen for the “Spirit of Star Trek” series screening (and discussion afterwards). Beautiful place.~sb

Afterwards, our panel participated in a discussion with Curtis Webster. He says that our film is:

“An imaginative sci-fi done in a classic film noir style. The story is a non-linear exploration of the consequences when one woman’s personal timeline collapses and she begins to experience the events of her life out of order. The implications are cosmic, but the story is very intensely personal.”~Spirit Of Star Trek

Webster goes on to say Yesterday Was A Lie is,

“a mind-scrambling tour de force that examines the consequences when a young woman’s personal timeline collapses and her life falls into non-linear chaos.  This is a highly creative film that assumes the viewer has a brain (and requires the viewer to keep it fully engaged throughout).”~Curtis Webster.

Thanks Curtis!

This was definitely a beyond the scenes informative discussion; many great questions were asked and answered.

Here are some thought-provoking pix from the event {courtesy of my iPhone 3Gs}~sb



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