darkness, sadness in washington state

This is a time of sadness and darkness for our family…
something appalling and shocking happened to the Mother of my niece & nephew.

My ex-sister-in-law’s longtime boyfriend (of 17 years) had a mental meltdown recently;
he did something horrendous to her beloved dog, Bucky, and then he threatened she was next.

The dog’s dead, the family’s heartbroken, the guy’s incarcerated, she’s torn…

It was a top story in the Seattle news:

-Woman’s dog found brutally slain, boyfriend arrested – http://www.komonews.com/news/local/90156417.html?tab=video
-Woman tried everything she could, to get her boyfriend help, but treatment centers refused them due to no insurance – http://www.komonews.com/news/local/90156417.html?
-Arlington Man Accused Of Gruesome Torture Of Dog, Threats – http://www.kirotv.com/news/23077703/detail.html

There are plenty sad and dark people everywhere. I’ve come across a few lost dark souls – there, here, elsewhere – and have continued on without them. Washington State, has more than its fair share. I had often thought the “doom & gloom” feeling up there was due to the cloudy, rainy weather and limited light.

I also think this “darkness” is what attracted Director David Lynch to shoot and base his creepy, chilling stories up there (especially the prequel “Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me,” shot next to the home i lived in during my pre-teen/teenage years). Growing up, i felt that area looked like a film-noir movie to me. I would listen to the hypnotic sounds of the rain and I saw the world with both dark and light elements which further intrigued and spooked me. I knew some day i would leave, and that some day I would return, briefly, to shoot one of my dark supernatural films there on location.  I am grateful i was able to “escape” the Great Dark North to Sunny Southern California within days of graduating from my university.

The intense situation my ex-sister-in-law tried so hard to remedy (but sadly her troubled significant other – life partner went off the deep end) reminded me of a poetic, paradoxical, and disturbing Emily Haines song

“Doctor Blind”

1.Lack of Light

2.Hollow Sea

3.Poison Beaches


5.Toothless Dentists

6.Cops That Kill

my baby’s got the lonesome lows

don’t quite go away overnight

doctor blind just prescribe

the blue ones

if the dizzying highs

don’t subside overnight

doctor blind just prescribe

the red ones

hard to hold

cold to touch

fall to pieces

treat the rush

in hindsight

with prime time talk

all your pain will end here

let the doctor soothe your brain, dear

my baby’s got the lonesome lows

don’t quite go away overnight

doctor blind just prescribe

the blue ones

if the dizzying highs

don’t subside overnight

doctor blind just prescribe

the red ones

{…check out Emily’s “Doctor Blind” music video from her Last Gang Records album “Knives Don’t Have Your Back.” It is a chilling and apropos short film on the subject of mental health meds – especially when she discovers the phantoms behind her http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8ixpuUpJAk }

Unfortunately, without health insurance Stephanie and Norm couldn’t afford the red ones or the blue ones… so the person Stephanie knew slipped away.

My thoughts, prayers and heart goes out to you dear Stephanie, and to my wonderful niece & my wonderful nephew~sb

3 responses to “darkness, sadness in washington state

  1. Sarah caught your post this morn …
    we live pretty close to each other ….

    so so so incredibly sorry for the kids & your sis …

    life can send us BRUTAL blows ..

    your strength & calm manner must be a wonderful comfort to your family …

    all out love
    mona & the girls

  2. Always remember, Mental illness requires that the person involved has to want to be helped also. Prayers for your niece, nephew and sister in law. May the darkness that has comsumed them be lifted to let the light shine in.

  3. Ohhhh No! That is such a bummer! Sending prayers their way! I hope he can get the help he needs in jail. Mental illness hurts the ones close to you almost as much as it hurts yourself. It’s not a fun place to be. My thoughts are with him too! Thanks for keeping me posted. xoxo

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