QUANTUMparadox: Timeless Questions About the Universe

So many questions,
So little time…
Unless time is truly an illusion
~> because then all the questions
are non-existent &/OR already answered.
~ @sarahneanbruce

NOW READ: A Quantum of Solace: Timeless Questions About the Universe By DENNIS OVERBYE

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The Awakening {to living happily ever NOW}

my mother sends this inspirational piece “The Awakening” to me once in awhile {especially after our periodic convos on life, love, living}. recently, i told her i had decided to be ~ “Happily ever NOW!”
it is a really good read, well worth the time i hope you “get it” like we “get it” again and again.
ps~apparently, this loving inspirational message has reached millions around the world.

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