NEWZ_social network impostors-a light at the end of that dark social networking tunnel

Regarding the problem of online impostors – there may be a light at the end of that dark social networking tunnel afterall… news agencies, including BBC’s Maggie Shiels reporting from California, announce «Facebook, Twitter imposters may be outlaws in California» **As many of you know, my friend and associate Eva La Rue (CSI: Miami) recently recorded a video message with me to try to stop the impostors** One of the precautions recommended in the BBC report is to claim your digital real estate before it becomes a problem. Eva La Rue did this with her own official website, and she even posted that personal video message we recorded on it, but that hasn’t stopped the impersonators on Facebook. Perhaps you can help report and Stop the Fake Eva La Rue profile (it’s not a fan or public profile page) which Ms La Rue’s representatives, including Turk Entertainment PR, have reported and written to Facebook about, but FB continues to allow. (Twitter & Myspace remove the fake profiles on their services). Apparently the Eva La Rue impersonator has used the Facebook “chat” with her duped Facebook friends, although the impostor doesn’t post on the wall any more fake messages after numerous complaints and warnings. … read/see ~more~

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