poetic_living in the cloud ~ breathing in the sea

flying through the sky clouds to elsewhere (photo via madeinua)

i’ve breathed it in ~

i’ve breathed it out


i’ve been living up in my cloud ,

i’ve been dwelling high up on my hill ,

i’ve been floating above my city of angels


i’ve been sheltered ,

i’ve been occluded ,

i’ve been shielded ,


from that city ,

from that reality ,

from that intensity ,


my cloud was healing ,

my cloud was calming ,

my cloud was necessary


i was beyond all that sickness ,

i was outside all that madness ,

that protective veil covered me ,

that safe haven enshrouded me


i’ve configured my perception ,

i’ve enhanced my reception ,

i’ve transpired my inception


& to my new horizon i now descend ,

i’m floating down with my inner zen


to this city of angels with outward possibilities ,

to this life outside the bubble of clouded realities ,

to this world beyond the innermost quantum potentialities


i move in ~

to my sea outside ,

i move out ~

with my calm inside


i breathe this out ~

i breathe this in


not much ~ a.d.o.


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