another MUST READ by my friend Dr Michael Tobias~Environmental Security: Sensing the World in 4-D

another MUST READ by my longtime friend, & collaborator, Dr Michael Tobias~Environmental Security: Sensing the World in 4-D (a dream has become a reality, that could help save the world).  I am dreaming of a better tomorrow and it looks possible with Dr. Mark Kram’s Environmental Security Sensing. perhaps our dream of a better planet can be realized in 4-D ~ snb

Each of us lives in a virtual reality. We have no choice; the mind is programmed to dream, and that can be so beautiful.~don Miguel Ruiz
Our dreams overlap and we each dream a part of the entire dream, the dream of the planet, which is made by the projection of billions of dreams.~don Miguel Ruiz
ps : what next? i dream about this type of technology used someday to actively measure & report toxicity (with organic non-toxic sensors) in our brains and bodies that is caused by air, alcohol, food, technological devices ~ our very own virtual 4D reality available 24/7 on the cloud for us terrestrial beings! we might think twice about many of the things we do, or expose ourselves to, if we had this dynamic monitored information.
Michael’s article excerpts :
~ 4-D has also been around and discussed for decades, of course, from Einstein’s Relativity Theory to 12-dimensional String Theory.  What places Dr. Kram’s invention in an optimal context are those myriad of ecological catastrophes – Global Warming, the 6th Extinction Spasm, a human population explosion, the ever increasing costs to insurance and re-insurance companies of weather anomalies, from hurricanes to disastrous tornadoes – that abound daily in the headlines. [ READ MORE ]
~ For instance, as weather changes, the earth actually “breaths” in and out, so contaminant and exposure risks can vary considerably.  [ READ MORE ]
~ The Waiora platform is not about modeling – which has been the normal approach, to date; but, rather, real-time monitoring.  [ READ MORE]
~ … it would appear that the Groundswell Technologies/TrifectaGIS initiatives have effectively harnessed exquisite frontiers of technology, in the ecological 4th dimension. [ READ MORE ]

Dr. Mark Kram, Groundswell Technologies, Inc.’s founder {via}

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