READ ABOUT the 10 Oldest Books Known to Man (via V&A)

Sumerian inscription in monumental archaic sty...

Sumerian tablet: lists "gifts from the High and Mighty of Adab to the High Priestess, on the occasion of her election to the temple." (Image via Wikipedia)

The ten oldest books known to man: Typically of Egyptian, Sumerian, or Akkadian origin, the world’s first works of literature provide an integral glimpse into how the peoples who initially recorded their histories, stories, and religious beliefs lived out their daily lives. By educating oneself in humanity’s past, one does nothing but forge a deep understanding and awareness of the present. READ MORE: Vintage & Anchor Books. Books!

{i especially like #7 En-hedu-ana’s Hymns. the author worked as a high priestess in the service of the moon god Nanna. She wrote 42 “amazingly eloquent hymns,” and has long been held by feminists as an icon of women’s empowerment.~sb} 

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