w.o.w.~living in the now {by sarah nean bruce}

an unfamiliar & beautiful state of unknowing (iPhone photo)

living in the now means knowing only where i am, what is happening for me ~ at this moment, in this time, right here ~ right now.
i can never truly know
what tomorrow or
what the future
for me,
for others

why agonize over it?
why over-focus on it?
why even worry 
about a pain 
that may or 
may not 
happen from it?
if i allow myself
most growth and 
most progress 
arises from 
pain, sadness, discomfort, sorrow, 
as well as 
joy, contentment, pleasure, peace. 
and i usually recognize ~ in retrospect ~ 
how valuable these experiences 
{i tend not to call them mistakes} 
have been.
oftentimes my greatest joys in life come
from surprises 
{and pains} 
knowing exactly what’s coming 
would rob me from that 
{happiness & pain}
not knowing the future is a natural state of things 
in this linearly perceived world 
when i want to know things 
that i can’t know {or shouldn’t know} 
~ the future, the right course of action, what others are doing or thinking or feeling ~ 
i create frustration for myself and ~ sometimes ~ for others.

i live in the now
but i really can change and control a lot
when i understand and embrace that 
i can’t control what happens on the outside, 
only how i respond on the inside. 
i can devote more of my energy, 
my life-force, 
my essence, 
my spirit, 
to how i respond, 
to what i learn. 
i can open up to a new sense of ease 
and simplicity 
and acceptance 
and peace ~ 
in my process, 
in my living, 
in my nowness,  
merely knowing where i am 
in this moment, 
in this space, 
in this time 
~sarah nean bruce

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