p.o.w.~raining, dancing

Blue calm inside {thanks to Blue Buddha Quote Collective image}

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s learning to dance in the rain.”~Anonymous

{today i am dancing in the rain, while the storm passes… yes, really … it’s raining right now in weho~sb}

ALSO TRY: 10 Ways to Instantly Feel in Balance When You’re in Overwhelm by Daily Transformations/Tamara Kerner.
{i especially like #1 & #6 ~ sb}
1. Close your eyes and slowly take an in breath while counting to 8. Hold it for a count of 2 and then release for a count of 8. This immediately calms your nervous system. When we shallow breath, the meridian points around the collar bones are activated and stimulate our fight or flight response. Shallow breathing is a primal response to danger. Back in the day we needed to stimulate this spot for the subsequent adrenaline shot so we could respond to danger quickly; now it merely exhausts our already depleted adrenal system.
6. Dial the radio station to a classical station. Classical music has been proven by science to raise levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin positively shocks the brain into a better state. Classical music not your thing? The sounds of Crystal and Tibetan Singing bowls have the same effect on the brain.
http://www.creation-songs.com/bowls.php OR http://www.classicalforums.com/articles/Music_Brain.html
SEE/READ MORE:  http://www.dailytransformations.com/10-ways-to-instantly-feel-in-balance-when-youre-in-overwhelm/

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