AHA! The Big Rip-Awarded Physics Nobel Prize for Studies of Universe’s Expansion

The Big Rip {Wiki Image by Rogilbert}

Universal AHA Moments: The fate of the “Big Bang” will be the “Big Rip” (to indicate how galaxies will be torn apart). 

“Their (physicists) discovery created a new portrait of the eventual fate of the universe: a place of super-low temperatures and black skies unbroken by the light of galaxies moving away from each other at incredible speed. Physicists found that the light from more than 50 distant exploding stars was far weaker than they expected, meaning that galaxies had to be racing away from each other at increasing speed and that acceleration is driven by what scientists call dark energy (newly discovered cosmic force that is still one of the great mysteries of the universe).” ~ Associated Press VIA New York Times

The prize confirmed the “cosmological constant,” an idea that Albert Einstein inserted in his general theory of relativity (cornerstone of modern physics), leading to lots of theoretical and experimental studies. Einstein later repudiated the “cosmological constant” as his “biggest blunder.”


READ MORE: Studies of Universe’s Expansion Win Physics Nobel – NYTimes.com.

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