telling stories of « the Butterfly AFFECT »

Yes, I have joined the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation to direct and produce a series of Public Service Announcements and Docu-Spots called « the Butterfly AFFECT » for 2011.  This past month, I have begun the journey to document this amazing organization, tell some of their many inspiring stories, and highlight their incredible work of providing help, offering hope and affecting lives of cancer patients, families, friends and communities.

Sarah and I are so excited to begin work on our series of PSAs with Eva La Rue for Beckstrand….the Butterfly AFFECT!  The first butterfly will be descending on December 23 during a special visit with Eva and her Beckstrand BELIEVE family as she, Joe, and Kaya deliver the magic of the holidays to the Carlos family… ~ Lil Spitzer, Executive Director Beckstrand Cancer Foundation – December 2010

Lil Spitzer & Sarah Nean Bruce at the Beckstrand Art Therapy Program Exhibit, Miller Children's Hospital Long Beach November 2010

I look forward to an extraordinary voyage with the amazing team led by Ms. Lil Spitzer whose vision and dedication has catapulted the organization to a national spotlight and platform.

In October 2010, it was announced Emmy-nominated actress, humanitarian and friend, Eva La Rue will serve as its National Spokesperson. The announcement coincided with the Foundation’s launch of their nationwide Andi Collins Memorial Scholarship Program aimed at college-bound teens who currently have cancer or who have survived childhood cancer. Ms. La Rue, shares why she chose to become involved with Beckstrand Cancer Foundation

After seeing the effects of cancer within my own family, I felt compelled to step into a role that highlights the unique needs of cancer patients across the country. As National Spokesperson for Beckstrand Cancer Foundation, I have an opportunity to be a voice of inspiration and strength for the vulnerable – and provide help during one of the most difficult times of their lives. There is hope, and that is the message I want to share with them. ~ Eva La Rue, Beckstrand National Spokesperson

Beckstrand Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that began in 1974. For more than 35 years, they have helped low to moderate income cancer patients with patient advocacy and day-to-day basic needs, including food, shelter and access to medical treatment.

Beckstrand Cancer Foundation helps families & kids with cancer and has over two million members at –

Together we can improve and enhance quality of life for cancer patients and their families. We know that 33 children are diagnosed with cancer everyday in the U.S. We know that many of these patients need help with day-to-day basic needs such as food, shelter and medical treatment. We believe that together we can help meet these needs and allow patients the opportunity to continue their treatment and recover. We invite you to join us in this effort and make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. ~ Kaerie Ray, Director of Development & Communications Beckstrand Cancer Foundation

Join me and show your support for the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation.

And please stay tuned as there will be a formal announcement and press release in early 2011 about « the Butterfly AFFECT » ~ a series of PSAs and Docu-Spots with our national spokesperson (and all-around great person) Ms. Eva La Rue, that i am directing/producing for Beckstrand Cancer Foundation and Ms. Lil Spitzer.

sarah nean bruce ~ dir/prod
« the Butterfly AFFECT »


FOOTNOTES ~ our « the Butterfly AFFECT » tells the stories of the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation’s vision and efforts to provide help and offer hope to cancer patients and their families with patient advocacy, financial assistance, counseling, art therapy and education and will emphasize the positive affects of Beckstrand’s endeavors in unison with cancer treatments, as well as above and beyond.  The interrelatedness of caring for the mind, body and spirit, especially as it relates to effective treatment, to increase the chances of recovery and surviving the disease, will be an important element and catalyst in our stories.

DEFINITION:  af•fect 1 |əˈfekt| 1. the conscious subjective aspect of feeling or emotion; 2. have an emotional or cognitive impact upon

EXPLANATION: with reference to the chaos theory, the Butterfly Effect is the phenomenon that a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. The metaphor is that a butterfly fluttering in Rio de Janeiro could change the weather in Chicago.


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8 responses to “telling stories of « the Butterfly AFFECT »

  1. my BIRTHDAY WISH-support SCHOLARSHIPS for kids diagnosed with cancer or who have ongoing cancer/merci

    my Birthday Wish is in honor of my dear friends and family who have perished and who have survived cancer. Especially my grandmother Myrtle who died of cancer and my grandfather Turville who survived it. My grandparents funded scholarships at a private school to underprivileged and at-risk youth for many years and this is one of the many reasons i am inspired to support and champion Beckstrand’s nationwide Scholarship program.

    i hope this effort will trigger a Butterfly Effect.

    For my birthday on January 18th, I’m asking my Facebook friends and supporters for a special gift: help me raise $1000 for Help Kids with Cancer. It’s a great cause that through five important programs – Individual Patient Assistance (IPA), Psychosocial Pediatric Program, BELIEVE, Art Therapy and The Andi Collins Memorial Scholarship Program – Beckstrand Cancer Foundation serves patients who are in the midst of cancer treatment and struggling to cope with day-to-day critical survival needs. The programs provide direct financial assistance, patient advocacy, supportive counseling, community resources, education, and life planning – enabling patients to remain focused on treatment and recovery, and encouraging families to stay hopeful, supportive and together. Specifically, I’d like to inspire you to give a little to support the SCHOLARSHIP program for youth who have been diagnosed with cancer or have ongoing cancer.

    I chose Help Kids with Cancer because I have begun a journey to document this amazing organization, tell some of the many inspiring stories with our new national spokesperson Emmy-nominated actress, humanitarian and friend, Eva La Rue, and highlight the incredible work of PROVIDING help, OFFERING hope and AFFECTING lives of cancer patients, families, friends and communities.

    Please consider giving to my Birthday Wish, and together we can help to provide financial support to a student who has been diagnosed with cancer, plans to attend or who is attending college. Your support enables a student with cancer to look to the future and stay hopeful. If you can’t give now, I’d be grateful if you’d share this link with your friends and social media connections. I appreciate the efforts to Pay It Forward.

    With gratitude,
    Sarah Nean Bruce

  2. **UPDATE: This birthday endeavor has inspired me to go forward and establish a special scholastic endowment with Beckstrand Cancer Foundation to provide financial support, opportunities and access to college bound kids with Cancer to STUDY and LEARN, via Online Distant Learning College Courses or on campus, while in cancer treatment and recovery at the hospital, at home and elsewhere.
    Please help me JUMPSTART the fund with your kind donations to this cause.
    The foundation will earmark your contributions via me for this special scholarship.
    Together we can help to provide financial support to a student who has been diagnosed with cancer and plans to attend or who is attending college.
    Your support enables students with cancer to look to the future and stay hopeful**

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