QWIKPOST_Little Deuce on the Loose-Baja baby races toward victory


The dog's named Rolex - (Adrienne Janic maybe?)

Baja Deuce's Mom "AJ" & his Brother "Rolex" (Image by Malingering via Flickr)


Little Deuce is a WINNER:
Many of you know i have a huge place in my heart for little kids, cool cars and moments of beauty. So when my gorgeous friend and savvy business associate, Adrienne Janic, sent me this email (below) i had to share it.
“Baja Deuce” is so CUTE and has a really clever, fun BFG Tires Campaign behind him.

It looks like Baby Deuce is following his motorcar aficionado Mom’s
path of having a forté and aptitude for Automobiles.  ;-)
Plus, Mommy & Baby are real Beauties: just look at those Eyes!
(plus Adrienne is a really great human being – inside & out)

I think this kid is gonna be on our horizon for a long time. He certainly has an exciting road ahead of him with his gift for strategic racing coupled with comedic/dramatic timing, and a Mom who knows her way around a racetrack and a red carpet. ~sb

Hey everyone !

My baby Deuce just shot his first commercial !  It’s for his BFG Tires campaign !
Here is the link :) Please pass it along to all your friends !!  Enjoy :)

~ adrienne ~

PS-BAJA DEUCE even has a Facebook Fan Page so you can “LIKE” him, then follow him on his journey. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Baja-Deuce/129459960400870

And please: Watch, Share, Favorite & Like his Video ~


Two Winners: Beautiful Baby Deuce and Mommy Adrienne Janic ~ Automobilia is in their blood!


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