as the informationist on the show & the biz (of showbiz)

please listen to my energetic & impassioned talk on Rex Sikes Movie Beat:

Part 2: i spoke today (05/17) with Rex on blogtalkradio about the “Art/Show of ShowBiz” (storytelling, process, techniques, alchemy) and flowed from my right brain with my passion, thoughts, and a little wisdom on writing, directing, performing and creative producing. I started with my “Top Ten List To Live the Artistic/Creative Life” (Writer, Director, Performer). Also updated listeners on: “Yesterday Was A Lie” released in HD on iTunes this month, my revamped/refreshed website –, and my abundant/regular writings on this blogsite about storytelling, passion, beauty, more –

Part 1:  Rex interviewed me the first time (04/01) on blogtalkradio about the “Craft/Business of Show Business” (vocation, administration, legal/accounting, marketing/pr) and i spoke mostly from my left brain about the nuts & bolts of physical production, the profession and the industry.

We agreed I shall return with a couple more interviews (TBA) for a series of talks on my experiences in “the Show & the Biz of ShowBiz.” Stay Tuned~sb


Both interviews available for free on iTunes and Blog Talk Radio:

Part Two ~

Part One ~


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