POETIC PIECE_ 18th of Never ~ an Om ॐ for Infinite Ones ∞ —

an #OM ॐ
that impossibly #INFINITEONE ∞ —
that quasi #YINYANG ☯
that inconstant #MOON 🌙
that ever-distant #STAR ☆
that bittersweet #HEART ♡
that bewildered #FLOWER ❀
&⅋ yes ,
they know •
they have known •
they will always know •
neither betwixt, nor between
neither hither, nor yonder
neither right, nor untrue
simply one star-entangled other
knowingly ensnared by another
both feel it
each & every 18th of Never
because it will have been
just a tad more than forever
their spells long cast and faded
nights’ candles presently burned down and away
with perhaps no lingering, nor pining, nor ill-feeling, nor regretting
just an Om between these infinite ones ∞ —
not much, a.d.o.
{memoirs of an angel faery witch}
18th january
{∞ — infinite ONE created by @sarahneanbruce}

{∞ — infinite ONE
created by @sarahneanbruce}


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