BBC reports USA has abysmal record on child abuse, neglect, death

In a report called “America’s child death shame” The BBC presents an in-depth investigation on child abuse, neglect and deaths we haven’t seen in the US, including the
Scale of Abuse,
Who’s to Blame
How to Stop It, and the
Cycle of Violence.

my mother writes “Do you recall hearing about this in the U.S. media? Neither do I.”
please share/re-post to others who may not know about this epidemic
read/watch report here:

Millions of children are reported as abused and neglected every year.

Nearly half the child fatalities in 2009 were children under the age of one.

“The sharp differences between the states raises the question of an expanded federal role” – Michael Petit, President of Every Child Matters

more excerpts from an Expert’s view:

~ snb

Find out more on America's hidden crisis ( design: Mark Bryson. Production: Franz Strasser, Bill McKenna, Lucy Rodgers and Luke Ward)

: America’s child death shame

The BBC investigates the scale of child abuse in the US

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