PRE-Occupy Wall Street ~ clever way to Occupy Wall Street from your couch

Check this video out & then ~ from the comfort of your couch ~ you can PRE-Occupy Wall Street
by sending them back the tons of junk mail
with tempting offers to go in debt forever with them)
they have been bombarding you with for years.
I’ve been doing this on and off for years with Junk Mail & unsolicited credit card offers.
Not my original idea tho, i think my clever Mother started this when i was a kid.
~ snb

An idea that is very creative and brings revenue in for the United State Post office!

Credit card collage

"Credit card collage - This morning I closed three credit cards from Chase Bank and Capital One. Then I did arts and crafts." ~AimeeOfAnaheim (Image by aimeeofanaheim via Flickr)

The Empire of Debt by Dee Hon

an empire of debt (Image by Renegade98 via Flickr)

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