recurring dream of my brother brian sutherland bruce

last night i had another one of my dreams about my youngest brother brian. 

in my dream, he was in another serious car accident.

at the hospital he awoke and became fully conscious
like he was before his first accident
the doctors said the second accident 
knocked him back into this world 
and out of the semi-consciousness
the first accident had caused.
they also said the “life-saving treatment” he had been given
during his first accident caused the coma, 
and subsequent decades-long semi-comatose, 
semi-conscious, semi-aware state.
they theorized that had we just let brian be, 
he would have either
awoke back to our world or 
moved on beyond it.
instead he had been trapped between 
the two dimensions (earthly and beyond) for the past 20+ years.
because back in 1989, 
nature would have determined his place in the universe,
not the doctors, not us. 
that was the natural flow of the universe, 
of time and 
of space.
but this new accident ~ this huge jolt ~ 
moved him back to this world and this plane of being
from that in-between altered state he had been floating in.
~sarah nean bruce
historia, tomus II” (1619)”

Robert Fludd, "Utriusque cosmi maioris scilicet et minoris (Wiki Image)

One response to “recurring dream of my brother brian sutherland bruce

  1. I too have theorized that myself. Never had the dream asleep, but consciously wondered what life would be like had we just let Brian be. Things would be so different for me. I would not be near as tolerant or humble. I’m sure I would not even be the same person I am now. I sometimes feel like I’ve learned and experienced so much from his terrible misfortune that it almost begins to seem selfish. The only positives I see in this whole situation are for me…wish I could find something for him! I wonder more than I wonder about anyone else what goes through his mind now. I miss him. It hurts to go see his shell…it even hurts that it hurts! Sometimes life’s journey can be such a mystery! xoxo my dear SeeSTAR!!!

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