WeHo Library Park inspiring me to look upward & outward

the view above~> West Hollywood Library & Park & Gift Store & more {iPhone photo by sarah nean bruce}

Thoroughly Impressed with WeHo Library Park! Beauty inside & out (& nary a Beast about). It is really Inspiring me. I’m getting my Library Card. I plan to: cancel cable/tv, read even more, use InternetTV for news, streaming Vids, films, if need be. It seems Autumn 2011 brings lovely changes to my: life, love, laughter, brain, body, intellect, friendship, play, art, music, creativity, transportation, career, family, heart … What inspires You?! ~ sb 

2 responses to “WeHo Library Park inspiring me to look upward & outward

  1. my friend ~ Andrea de Oliveira ~ writes: “I haven’t had a TV for almost 2 years and get all my news from the AP in my phone or the paper on my laptop. The space here is too small to describe how this small change has positively affected my life (besides all the extra time I now have ;) “

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