poetic~we laughed, we loved, we lived {by sarah nean bruce}

it seemed he always laughed with everyone &
he certainly smiled nearly all the time with me.
in his eyes he was one of the few who looked happy.
he was the nicest and sweetest and sincerest boy
I probably ever met and then loved…
and i think i might have even strove to find another like him over the years.
even tho i had barely lived, let alone loved,
i, as a teenaged girl,
laughed fully with him,
i theorized about
«living happily ever after»
before him,
i romanticized
those fleeting electric moments
about him,
i even fantasized later on
those warm embraces
with him…
alas, i had actually encountered a rare teenage boy
who was fun and funny and nice and genuine
~ I saw no darkness in him.
our hearts were liquid light
a thousand kisses
whispering silent words of sweetness
a million moments spilling innocence
the tender breath of babes
rendered our tongues to be tied for decades.
but way back when
our peers ~
with hypocrite hearts and
jealous minds and
fearful souls
~ had already decided our fate
and pressed upon us to be apart.
so that was the inevitable and expedited end
before a real start
as we mutually agreed to part
for explained,
beknownst yet
unfathomed reasons.
we shared a few last gentle smiles,
then a little laughter, love and living
before we extracted one another from each heart.
i reflect back now on how a naïve philosophy
yet pure simplicity of laughing and loving and living
developed so early,
evolved so quickly,
effervesced so sincerely.
did it wane & wax over time
as it became imbued with dark and light life experiences? …
with me it really wouldn’t or couldn’t fade away
even when bombarded by a world weary pseudo-reality.
I am grateful
for time and
for distance and
for retrospection and
for introspection
as it works wonders with
a present and a perpetual perception of
past loves,
past lives,
past laughs.
and i am glad to have made
that lovely connection and interconnection
way back then
and this sweet reconnection and recollection a few days ago.
it reinforces and reignites that teenage girl in me
with the zeal and
with the belief and
with the passion transformed to
living happily ever now with myself…
and maybe another beau one day.
thanks to that immortal boy
i revisited the other night
after thirty years
with laughter still in his eyes
a perpetual smile still on his lips
and an ever kind heart on his sleeve
reminding me of
eternal hope and
endless love.

~sarah nean bruce

{iPhoto by sarah nean bruce}

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5 responses to “poetic~we laughed, we loved, we lived {by sarah nean bruce}

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  2. Hey! That’s my tree! It’s almost as beautiful as this reflection and sentiment! love you sis! oxox

    • yes, seastar tracy,
      i looked up to see
      your beautiful tree
      in front of
      your beautiful house
      on a ridge with
      your beautiful view!
      love you always,
      seestar sarah

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