GOOD READ_Opportunities For New Patterns!

«i intend to create healthy relationships and i declare to the Universe my expectations in a man»~snb {photo by sarah nean bruce}

{I concur>create healthy relationships & declare to Universe expectations in a man~s}

I “LIKE” this post, especially the part about wanting to create healthy relationships and declaring to the Universe your expectations in a man. i’ve been working on this for several years after being in a series of unhealthy relationships & partnerships with men. the last liaison left me quite disenchanted, but i sought out a great marriage therapist (i refer to him as my divorce counselor) so i could disconnect from my eX and become stronger on my own. Last summer i wrote about it ~ somewhat a manifesto ~ in my article “What a Modern Woman Wants and Seeks in a 21st Century Relationship” – a three part exposé. It’s been one of my most popular posts to date! i enjoy Erin Lanahan’s adventures and i SUBSCRIBE to it (literally & metaphorically).~sb

ps~here’s my article~>

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  1. Thanks Sarah, for your comments. Sounds like we’ve traveled a similar path. Always great to connect with new people. Thanks for reaching out and for sharing with me, as well as sharing my articles with others :-)

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