"A little statue of Buddha."

“You only lose what you cling to.” ~Buddha (Wiki Image)

“You only lose what you cling to.” ~Buddha


when we clung to love it was kept just beyond our reach
then we released ourselves from loving others desperately
and we released our attachment to being loved by them

when we began to truly love ourselves
we discovered we could love others unconditionally and
from a place of overflow

and because we love ourselves,
we allow ourselves to love others freely
we do not love others from a place of scarcity

we surrender ourselves to loving truly because
unconditional love releases us and frees the ones we love

we honor and respect another’s choice to love us or not to love us
and just because someone does not love us in return
does not mean our love for them is any less

love does not bind us nor oblige an other
we release others from an obligation to love us back
since their truths and their desires may not be the same as our truths and our desires

we freely and willingly allow whatever unrestrained choice someone makes about loving us
this true love can become fulfilling and illuminating and releasing for both of us

while we are unconditional with our love
we don’t give all our love away leaving nothing for ourselves
because true unconditional love is balanced

releasing love and
being true to love and
loving without condition
brings us closer to truth

being truer to love
brings us closer to love and truth
because when we release love
we experience truth
we attract love
love embraces us
and love frees us

~sarah nean bruce 2011-0523

side note: in 2004 i was clinging to a love and an illusion that was not true and not real. in 2006 i began the process of letting go of that unattainable and unrealistic love of someone else. in 2007 i started releasing my fear and i started loving my self. in 2008 i was like a small bird when i let go and i flew away to a better self and a higher plane and i truly abandoned the quixotic dream that kept me trapped and grounded and faint-hearted. today, i constantly release love and love continually embraces me and frees me. {photo by sarah nean bruce ~ on location “LOVE, CLYDE” movie shooting in Santa Barbara County – Feb 2004}

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