NEWZ_FUNNY or Die Short-My friend Sean Kanan is Slater and Walken on Iconoclasts


christopher walken: "toast"

Iconoclastic: Kanan doing Walken doing Crazy (Flickr Image by J. McPherson)


i was hoping we’d get to see my friend and associate Sean Kanan’s short film again: ICONOCLASTS: Christian Slater (ACTOR) & Christopher Walken (CRAZY) after it premiered on Acme Comedy Saturday Night when he hosted the show a few weeks ago (09/11) … «Kanan as Slater interviewing Kanan as Walken on Sundance Channel’s Iconoclasts» is abso-hilarious! Funny Acting, Funny Writing, Funny Short! ~sb


Watch & Rate Funny Or Die: i rated this “FUNNY”

VIDEO: Iconoclasts: Christian Slater & Christopher Walken (Sean Kanan)

Sean Kanan (“The Young & The Restless) channels two of Hollywood’s best for a not-to-be missed episode of “Iconoclasts.” Written and Directed by: KIRK DIEDRICH Starring: SEAN KANAN Stand-in: TRAVIS RICHEY Camera by: ROB WOOD Edited by: TRAVIS RICHEY ACME Production Manager: ROB WOOD Produced by DAN KANE and TRAVIS RICHEY This video premiered in “ACME Saturday Night,” the live online TV show. which features a new celebrity guest each week, as well as a musical guest! For more information and to watch live, go to – Funny or Die

BONUS: funny pictures

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