poem_the forgiving pencil {by sarah nean bruce}

i like pencils, they forgive
i write something down
i erase and change what i don’t like, what bothers me, what doesn’t feel right
i revise, i redo, i rephrase then i finish
and with the pencil it looks the way i want it…
for now.

sarah nean bruce
{ s. nightfeather bruce }


my absolutely favorite mechanical pencil. i purchased it in paris winter 2005. (iPhone photo by sarah nean bruce)


One response to “poem_the forgiving pencil {by sarah nean bruce}

  1. (FB comments)
    @Stavros Georgiadis 04 September at 03:56
    Hi Sarah,
    I know this is insignificant but I was looking at your blog today and read your note on your pencil you picked up from Paris.
    I was just wondering…. When you write, do you actually hold the pencil between your pointing and middle finger, like in the picture?
    Sorry to ask, but for me, it stuck out… :-), weird ha?

    R, Stavros

    @sarahneanbruceDOTcom 04 September at 11:28
    Funny you asked. My friends notice it when I hand write, too.
    Yes I hold pens and pencils that way 90% of the time. I do it when I write by hand for longer than a few minutes. A quick note or signature I do it the standard way, but if it becomes more than a line or three, I often switch to this more comfortable position (as in in my photo), otherwise my thumb cramps because i squeeze the writing implement too much with my middle finger, and it starts aching. I started hand writing this way when I was a pre-teen, I think. cheers~sb

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