POEM_The Visit (1991) {by sarah nean bruce}

Photo By Sarah Nean Bruce 2006-1225

Behold The Sea (photo by sarah nean bruce 2006-1225)

The Visit

{On A Breezy Summer Night in 1991}

My departed grandmother visited me last night in a vision.  She made herself visible to my blind eyes.  She knew I didn’t understand that she never left me, even after she passed away from this world.  I saw her again and she was wearing an apron over a pressed white blouse and blue pants.  I saw her hair, soft light brown grey.

We embraced.  She hugged me with strong arms, unlike her last days when she was so frail and in so much pain.  I knew she had ascended to a better place where there is no pain, nor sorrow.  A place where she could watch over her loved ones – watch over me.  She was here to reveal how she had inspired me.

She was my inspiration, the feeling in my gut that warned of trouble in the world I had migrated to.  The times I had not listened to myself, I had not listened to her.  She was the one whispering the doubts and singing the praises.  Several times I ignored my gut feeling and executed the precarious plan.  But during the problematic endeavor, I realized the gut feeling was accurate which gave me the power to cut away the negative appendage.

She wanted me to know of her heavenly vigil, so that I could trust myself – and her – once again.  My extraordinary guardian angel:  her devotion, her loyalty, her spirit intertwined with my life and guided by her divine being, my heart moved by her love.

She had become visible, because I had moved to an important period in my life and I was about to embark on significant decision making tasks that could transform my life.  But she would not stay visible to my naked eye for long.  My allegiant Grandma was to return to her shrouded state of being, but only after demonstrating what she had silently proclaimed.  She turned me away from her, and stood behind me with her hands on my shoulders.  She told me to silently ask her a question.  I asked her if the ocean is blue, and I heard my own internal voice answer “yes, the ocean is a brilliant blue.”  And then she whispered in my right ear “yes, the ocean is a brilliant blue.”  The disclosure shook me and at that moment all of the messages and warnings I had silently heard over the years surged back to me and I knew they had been hers.  All these times she had quietly spoken to me – in my voice, using my words – cautious words, judicious words and precious words.  Thousands of her words materialized and flooded my mind.  At first, these words echoed in my familiar inner voice, then the sounds transmuted into her familiar voice, then they merged into the sound of our voices together and finally back to my familiar inner voice.  Her hands were still on my shoulders as we both faced a shimmering ocean.

She hugged me from behind.  I couldn’t see her face, but I glanced down at her arms around me and noticed her hands were very young and that her garment sleeves radiated an iridescent white-blue.  The sea began to shimmer the same iridescent white-blue as her shining gown.  When I attempted to turn around to see if she was behind me, my inner voice announced “behold the sea.”  I fought the urge to turn away from the sea and spin around in her arms to see where I thought she stood.  But I knew it was her voice instructing me to “behold the sea.”  The clouds above the ocean moved ever so slightly and rays of silver sunlight shined on the luminescent water.  And within that moment, I perceived that her arms did not physically grasp me anymore.

Now, I will once again listen to my intuition – her communications.  I will again be able to hear her voice intertwined with mine.

Goodbye Grandmother, Hello Grandmother – you never really left me when you departed this corporeal and temporary world.  We shall always be together, your spirit and love still dwell in me and I shall remember your devotion and heed your messages.  Thank you for The Visit.

By Sarah Nean Bruce (1991)

In Loving Memory of
Myrtle Spreadborough


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