The Internet And PowerPoint Are Bad For The Brain

RT The Right Brain Studio The Evils of PowerPoint
Revisiting a blog, inspired by today’s front page NYTimes article

Excellent, The Right Brain Studio makes power(ful) points in this blog posting. yesterday morning, i read that article in the nytimes, too and had planned to post/blog about it along with the other nyt article… alas, i had too much writing to do already. i like what he blogged, & i have reposted a link to his insightful commentary (thank you very much)! ~sb

Eloquent Excerpts from The Right Brain Studio blog:

Simply put, bullet points will never replace prose for analysis.

This shorthand disease has spread like a virus into the mainstream. Too often, we see PowerPoint reports blending the ridiculously obvious with so much visual information that they are rendered nearly worthless.

Lists of bullet points with visuals are seldom a viable substitute for descriptive prose. Along with PowerPoint, text messages, Tweets and rushed emails short attention spans are only growing shorter. But in world of increasing emotional complexity and economic hardship, the depth and power of well written prose are more essential than ever.

(read more on the blog


The Right Brain Studio Revisits The Evils of PowerPoint


Reminds me of a passage i wrote in my upcoming novel in the chapter titled: THE INTERNET IS BAD FOR THE BRAIN

This rapidly accelerated techno-phenom gave a completely new meaning to the concept of brainstorm.

Moreover, it got me to thinking: could excessive time on the computer, mobile phone – including accessing email, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace – IM, SMS, voicemail from anywhere and anytime via Satellite, WiFi, WiMax, and NthG data access – eventually cause OCD and/or ADHD? I thought it certainly could exacerbate the disease in mortals and perhaps antagonize the immortals.

I had cut down on “brain pollutants” by lowering my techno-interactions.

All these brain bits & bytes also made me wonder did using acronymic shorthand, like LOL, TTYL, ROTFL, and having to encrypt and decrypt the info, somehow might have short circuited the human brain? Additionally, did emoticons mess with the mortal mind?

Did we invent them and then attention spans became increasingly diminished or vice-a-versa?

This new abbreviated language seemed very Pavlovian: subjects emoted, that is salivated, for abstractions not to the real any more. They became shaped by the design of the others who conditioned the recipients to send and respond with behaviors beneficial to the senders.


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