POETIC_that sweet hello

when she saw him walk into her early evening soirée ,
so many things melted away ~
all the bizniz ,
all the formalities ,
all the expectations ,
all the apprehensions ,
all the miscalculations ,
and fresh nuances came to be
her brain piqued ,
her heart boomed ,
her intellect teased ,
her body roused ,
her enthusiasm zoomed ~
an alchemic eternal melody ,
suddenly seemed in tune
this was the unsinkable, able, smart man ~
she had figuratively known for a decade ,
and yet , not deeply known ,
and not truly seen ,
and not actually heard ,
and not really understood ,
in this softer ~ more mellow ~ filtered light
and since that celebratory and revelatory night ,
each time they come together ~
more starlight ,
more delight ,
more sparks ,
more dreams ,
and more mysteries
are revealed to her ,
and uncovered for her ,
and appreciated by her
and to this day ,
he continues ~
to mystify her ,
to intrigue her ,
to enchant her ,
to mesmerize her ,
and to encompass her
with his unassuming and
uncomplicated presence
in her life ,
in her mind ,
in her body ,
in her soul ,
in her world
all the pink and purple and gold ,
spells and stars and midnight fireflies ~
soar and shine and scintillate
all ignited
on that particular eve ,
a mere six months before ,
when he walked up to her ,
and uttered his simple sweet hello .
not much, a.d.o.


the evening sky en route to the 1/25 soirée; and little did she know, that everything was a “go” {iPhone photo by sarah nean bruce}


5 responses to “POETIC_that sweet hello

  1. The beauty of mature romance
    sweetly expressed
    makes my body want to dance
    totally unsuppressed.

    Sarah, Happy in your happiness

  2. thank you dear Wendy ~ that is a lovely poem!
    yes, i am happy and i am inspired and i have time to write more nowadays
    of course, this is fiction, and teasings of my upcoming {work-in-progress} novel:
    “Memoirs of an Angel Faery Witch”

  3. thank you Sharmishta http://window2mysoul.wordpress.com/ , while waiting at a traffic light i snapped that picture myself with my iPhone one night after a winter sunset in los angeles when i was heading westward ~ the sky was just so beautiful with its layers of pink and purple and gold ~ i wanted to remember it always.

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